55 Gallon Anti-Static Explosion-Proof Pneumatic Vacuum 185CFM Dual Venturi ATEX, 2" x 15' Hose HV-55-20185EX

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Complete Unit Includes: Explosion Proof, Grounded, Anti-Static Hose, Anti-Static Air Line, Standard Filter, 2-Piece Steel Wand, Floor Tool, Crevice Tool and Gulper Wand, 18 Gauge Steel Drum, Caster Base, Certified HEPA Filter Compressed Air Powered Vacuums are designed specifically for heavy-duty industrial cleaning and material recovery. By utilizing your compressed air lines, the simple Venturi system provides up to 6x the suction power generated by conventional motor-driven units, all without the need for an electrical connection. They are certified, safe, strong, portable and easy-to-use. The high powered Venturi driven suction power will enable you to pick up virtually anything that will pass through the hose. Motorized vacuums can potentially create static electricity that are hazardous in locations with combustible vapors and dust conditions. Hafco vacuums operate on compressed air and are intrinsically safe to meet all NFPA and OSHA housekeeping requirements. HAFCO Vacuums are ATEX cn 2, Groups A, B, C and D T6 and Class II, Division 2, Groups E, F, G, Hazardous Locations as defined in the National Electric Code (NFPA 70). Designed and built to the highest standards, our vacuums also carry a lifetime warranty. Our vacuums are certified to operate in a variety of conditions across many industries including: Wood; Paper & Pulp; Metal Dust; Food, Flour, Sugar & Grain; Powder Coat; Oil / Gas. Compressor minimum horsepower and max hose length requirements: 18 CFM = 5 HP 12' , 48 CFM = 10 HP 25' , 85 CFM = 20 HP 50', 185 CFM = 40 HP 100'
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