Alpha 86" Remote Controlled Height Adjustment Magnetic Sweeper AL86

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Alpha 86" Remote Controlled Heig
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Sweeper Width: 86", Sweeper Weight: 328.4 lbs, Shipping DIMS: 97"L x 17" W x 15"H The Alpha has outdoor rated IP65 12-volt DC actuators rated at 562 lbs each with 7.5" inches of up and down movement for remote controlled raising and lowering of magnet from raised travelling to lowered sweeping position. The Alpha is unique in our line of hanging magnets because of its remote controlled up and down feature. The Alpha lets you lower and deploy the magnet for sweeping operations from the cab of your vehicle and then when done sweeping for the moment the operator can raise the magnet for travelling between locations on the road or for entering a service bay with a large lip obstacle or for whatever reason the operator has, the magnet can be lifted simply by pressing the remote control from the cab. The automatic raising and lowering of the magnet is done via 12 volt DC remote controlled electric actuators providing 7.5" inches of up and down movement. The 12-volt DC power is obtained by connecting the supplied cables to your vehicle battery. An ample length of cables are provided even if rear mounting of the magnet on a vehicle. Quick disconnections by the magnet unit mean that you can still disconnect the cables from the magnet if you wish to demount the magnet from the vehicle but leave the electrical connections in place for easy and quick mounting later. The Alpha is essentially an Aether hanging magnet with the addition of the remote-controlled electric actuators, and therefore the Alpha has a combination flat proof bump wheels on each end and its two wheeled outriggers positioned along the length between the wheels. The wheeled outriggers provide extra protection in rough environments that hanging magnetic sweepers with only wheels on the end cannot. Both of these features; wheels and outriggers, make sure the magnet doesn't hit the ground in rough, rutted, pothole filled environments. You can operate the Alpha with the peace of mind that the sweeper won't get damaged. The Alpha comes with 4 stabilizing chains and 8 quick clips to mount the Alpha as well as 2 blue synthetic winch ropes used with the electric actuators, and it also comes standard with a durable PVC black Quick Clean Off Sleeve to make clean off quick and easy. The Alpha magnet has a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 9 inches using a 2.5" inch nail. (We use a 2 ½" nail to measure maximum lifting heights of all of our sweepers because it is a standard well know item familiar to customers. Keep in mind the maximum lifting heights will vary depending upon the shape and ferrous content of the items you are trying to pickup) To ensure Alpha's performance pickup power long term, the Alpha utilizes permanently charged grade C8 Ceramic magnets that will never need to be recharged. ecommended Industry Applications Construction sites Landfills Mining Sites Parking Lots Highways and Roads Maintenance Street Sweeping Shipping Terminals Trucking Terminals The Alpha has 10"x3" foam filled flat proof wheels with steel hubs and 5/8" inch ball bearings rated at 100kg (220 lbs) capacity each. The bump wheels are designed to hang about half an inch above the ground while the sweeper is being used and only touch the ground to protect the magnet from hitting the ground when the vehicle suspension compresses or if the ground is uneven or because of pumps and potholes on the road. The bump wheels give you peace of mind to operate the magnet lower for better pickup performance than would be possible without bump wheels. The ALPHA utilizes permanently charged C8 Ceramic Magnets to provide a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 9" using a two and a half inch nail. The ALPHA will pick up a 2 ½" nail when the bottom of the magnet is 9" off the ground providing plenty of pickup power performance in dirt and gravel and when operating on a moving vehicle. Sweeping height is adjustable from a minimum of 2.5" inches with the bump wheels touching the ground to a maximum of 5" inches. We recommend a 3" inch sweeping height with the bump wheels ½' off the ground The Alpha was designed with 2 outriggers to provide extra ground strike prevention, in other words, to prevent the magnet from hitting the ground in rough terrain. The outriggers are constructed of 1/4" thick steel. The Outriggers can be used either with the outrigger extenders installed or un-installed. The outrigger extenders are designed to aid the sweeper over larger obstacles. Each outrigger has a wheel on each side of the magnet. Those wheels are 4" x 4" in size and made of Polypropylene. The wheels extend down below the bottom of the Quick Clean Off Sleeve by 0.75" inches ensuring that the wheels hit the ground before the magnet does. The 10"x3" bump wheels on the ends of the Alpha extend down 2 ½" below the Quick Clean Off Sleeve, so the outrigger wheels are higher than the end bump wheels ensuring that the outrigger wheels only hit the ground if and when they encounter a bump in the middle of the magnet that the outside wheels do not, such as the center of a rutted laneway or road. The relative position of the end bump wheels, the outrigger wheels and the bottom of the magnet can be seen in the photo below.

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