Aurora 19 Magnetic Sweeper A19

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19" Wide, Lifting Weight 7 lbs, Total Sweeper Weight. 26 lbsAurora has the perfect features for industrial applications like commercial manufacturing shops where surfaces are flat. The main feature that makes using the sweeper easy is the debris clean off feature. The debris handle drops debris off of the sweeper with a quick and easy pull of the debris release handle… no lifting or bending over. It is also available in a narrower 19 inch sweeper width to manoeuver around shop equipment in a smaller shop environment. This sweeper has a medium pickup power and a fixed sweeping height of 1 1/4". Not every sweeper has to be the biggest and baddest, it just has to be perfect for the application. The Aurora has everything it needs to perform well in commercial manufacturing shops and it includes nothing that is not necessary for this application. It is designed to perform well on surfaces other than grass such as gravel, concrete and pavement. So it does not feature the “Wrap Around” design which is necessary for grass but not for flat surfaces. The Aurora has one single sweeping height. The single sweeping height is all that is required for flat commercial shop floors where adjusting the sweeping height would not be used. The single sweeping height is set very low 1. 25" so that it easily picks up everything on flat surfaces. The easy clean off feature makes cleaning the debris off the sweeper easier with no bending over. This features also makes cleaning off debris faster. The Aurora is durable and sturdy featuring the 3 piece Y handle design and all weather aluminum housing that won't rust in damp or wet conditions. The Aurora has a medium power pickup because most shops have normal debris requiring a medium powered magnet with no need for a bigger more powerful magnet that would add unnecessary weight and make using it more tiring. It also features a smaller width. The sizes include 31" 25" and a the smaller 19" model. The smaller width option is great for manoeuvering around shop floors and in-between equipment.

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