Coougartron MK612 Electrochemical Metal Marking Etching Machine Set WELC4930

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  • Coougartron MK612 Electrochemical Metal Marking Etching Machine Set
  • Coougartron MK612 Electrochemical Metal Marking Etching Machine Set
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MK612 is a portable electrochemical metal marking machine equipped with a variable voltage technology (6 12V). By lowering the voltage from 12 to 6V, you will be able to mark larger metal surfaces – without losing color consistency. All your markings will have a uniform dark appearance, no matter their size. The machine offers fast, safe, and permanent marking of: Logos QR codes, bar codes Serial numbers Part names and codes Maker’s marks Suitable for all conductive metal types including stainless steel, mild steel, aluminum, brass, copper, zinc, titanium and more. This lightweight and compact machine comes delivered in a practical carrying case for easier use on and off site. NOTE: The MK612 machine is delivered as part of a kit that contains accessories and fluids that are needed to start marking (see the content of the starter kit below). Please remember: Stencils and stencil printers are not included within the set but sold separately. You can view our selection here. FEATURES & SPECIFICATIONS Weight 5.5 lbs Dimensions/size 5.7'' long x 8.5 wide x 2.5'' high Power input/output 110V input power / 6 V, 7,5 V, 9 V, 10,5 V, 12V~ / 5A output power Application: capabilities of the machine Marking, Etching Metal type Stainless steel, Aluminum, Brass, Copper, Zinc, Mild steel, Titanium Material Durable plastic case sealed box Portable Yes THE COUGARTRON MK612 MARKING MACHINE SET INCLUDES: MK612 Marking Machine Cougartron Handle & Clamp Cable (WELC4032, WELC4031) Marking Handle (WELC4931) Marking Head (WELC4029) CGT N5 liquid for neutralization – 3.5 oz CGT S1 marking fluid for stainless steel – 3.5 oz Container for marking fluid Marking Clamp (WELC4030) Yellow Marking Fabric (WELC4026) O ring – 1 piece Portable Case
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