Ecko 26" Rolling Magnetic Sweeper E26

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Designed for roofers that want a lighter sweeper but with all the features of quick clean off, height adjustability and durability. Designed for use on grass because of its unique “Wrap Around" feature that prevents debris from being wiped off by long grass or weeds. The debris simply snaps around onto the back of the sweeper. Secondary debris release handle, simply pull and debris falls off. Five wheel height adjustment settings to fine tune the sweeping height for optimum performance. 26" Width, 16 lb Sweeper WeightOn a tool there should be nothing extraneous that doesn't have a purpose, everything should be for a reason, and form should follow function. The Ecko like all Bluestreak magnetic sweepers exemplifies this. The five wheel height settings allow you to fine tune the sweeping height to ensure maximum performance in your conditions you normally experience. The angled front nose makes it much easier to push through the grass, all the pivot points have nylon flange bushings so there is no metal on metal contact, meaning no squeaks, long life, and a nice tight feel to the tool. And the feature you'll use the most, the handle, was specifically made three pieces to give the handle sturdiness and durability and also contributes to the tight feel of the sweeper unlike many single piece handle designs on the market. It's all about the details and the Ecko pays attention to them all.

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