Eiger 74" - 4 1/2" X 4 1/2" Hanging Magnetic Sweeper - Dirt, Gravel EG74/4.5

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74" Magnet Width, 226 lb weight. The EIGER utilizes permanently charged C8 Ceramic Magnets that will never need to be recharged to provide a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 9.25" inches using a two and a half inch nail. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of use. Sweeping height is adjustable. The Minimum sweeping height is 2.5" inches with the bump wheels touching the ground. The recommended sweeping height is 3" – 4" inches, with a maximum sweeping height of 5" inches. Magnet effectiveness will decrease as speed and sweeping height increase which is why we recommend a sweeping height of 3" to 4" inches if possible. The “Wrap Around" magnet design ensures debris never gets wiped off the bottom of the magnet. You will also find in practice that most of the debris ends up on the back side of the magnet when operating at speed which gives you a good indication of why we have this feature. The 10"x3" foam filled bumper wheels with steel hubs and 5/8" ball bearings have a 100kg (220 lbs) capacity (each) and ensure a consistent height off the ground is maintained when sweeping. They also help ensure the magnet does not hit the ground in the event of a bump, uneven ground surfaces or a compression of the vehicle suspension. To clean off the EIGER magnetic sweeper when full of debris, just remove the wheel on one end and pull off the black PVC Quick Clean Off Sleeve that comes standard on the EIGER. All of the debris will drop off on the side of the magnet that you pull the Sleeve off from. Clean off takes only seconds. The EIGER is ideal front mounted under shunt trucks or yard trucks operating at trucking facilities with dirt or gravel yards. It's also ideal mid-mounted under outdoor forklifts operating in dirt and gravel yards around manufacturing facilities. Also a great option for tractors operating in quasi commercial industrial operations like greenhouse environments, or under tractors or attached to grooming equipment at equine facilities, etc., to control metal debris. The EIGER was designed specifically to pick up and remove debris that causes flat tires such as nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, miscellaneous metal pieces, etc. The EIGER is compact in size. The EIGER has been designed in six different sweeping widths of 38", 50", 62", 74", 86", 98" to accommodate many different vehicle sizes from small tractors to shunt and commercial trucks. As a hanging magnet, the EIGER has no specific requirements of the vehicle to ensure FIT. You should however, take a look at the CAD files showing overall dimensions to ensure this will work with your intended vehicle and the anticipated mounting position. The depth of the magnet from front to back (front wheel tip to back wheel tip is 10 inches). The EIGER can be front, mid or rear mounted on a variety of vehicles as long as enough clearance and space is present. The Eiger comes standard with a durable Quick Clean Off Sleeve for easy removal of debris. Also comes standard with 4 hanging chains and 8 quick clips for hanging the EIGER. Each hanging chain is 12" inches long (not including the quick clip on each end).

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