Fusion 25" Ceramic Magnetic Sweeper - Continuous Discharge, Shot Pickup FU25

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25" Sweeper Width, 35 lb. Sweeper Weight, 1" Maximum Lifting Height, 5" Thermoplastic Rubber Wheels with Precision Bearing, Contnuous Discharge Clean Off Method The Fusion was designed to meet two objectives: 1) match the performance of the rare earth Theta continuous discharge magnetic sweeper and 2) be as inexpensive as a traditional magnet like the Bora series. The Fusion was modelled after our Theta continuous discharge magnetic sweeper but utilizes a unique arrangement of ceramic magnets rather than rare earth neodymium to achieve a less expensive design. The ceramic magnets have proven to offer equal performance in most cases at a lower price allowing the Fusion to collect S550 shot from up to 1" deep control joints. The Fusion is very effective at collecting shot because the magnet can always stay at 100% power thanks to the Ripwhirl Technology that continuously collects the shot from the magnetic field and deposits the shot into the onboard debris bin with 22lbs of shot capacity. Compared to a standard rolling magnet, the Fusion is lighter, more thorough, and 40% faster at clearing an area. Once you get further into a cleaning job, a standard magnet will lose power as it gets full of shot. This doesn’t happen with the Fusion because it is always being cleaned off, this lets the Fusion do a more thorough job and leave virtually no shot behind. While the Fusion is a huge breakthrough providing continuous discharge performance at a greatly reduced cost, there are two drawbacks; 1) The Fusion weighs 35 lbs whereas the Theta weighs only 21 lbs. 2) The Fusion has certain point along its length that are stronger and those strong points have to be aligned over floor cracks to pick up shot from 1" deep joints, whereas the Theta has the same super strength along its entire length. If the weight of the sweeper or strength concentrations is a major factor for you, make sure you consider the Theta. Automatic Continuous Discharge System. Comfort grip handle. Thermoplastic rubber wheels, non-marking with sealed precision bearings and rugged polypropylene hubs, each with a 300 lbs load rating. C8 ceramic magnets won’t lose their strength over time and are permanently charged. Debris tray holds approximately 22 lbs of steel shot. Picks up 100% of steel shot from 1" below the wheels. High impact PVC magnet housing. Stands upright on its own when not in use - so no stooping over to pick it up all the time and reduces risk of having it accidentally run over by a vehicle. Aluminum welded design for extra durability and long life.

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