Guardian 33 Magnetic Sweeper GU33

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33" Width, 142 lbs Sweeper Weight. The Guardian magnetic sweeper is a forklift magnetic sweeper with a super slim profile that hugs and wraps around the back contour of the forklift. This slim profile is specifically designed for forklifts that need to maintain maximum manoeuverability and/or need to work around tight, congested areas. The slim profile of the Guardian adds only 6. 125 inches to the back of the overall length of the forklift. The Guardian is also designed to make cleaning off of the magnet easy by removing the need to bend over to the ground level. The Guardian is cleaned off by simply pulling up on the magnet’s Quick Release Pull Up Handles that release the debris and clean off the magnet. Mounting The Guardian to a forklift is simple and NO modifications to your forklift are necessary. The Guardian is mounted to the rear pin of the forklift and at the time of installation the vertical angle and height can be adjusted to ensure a super close fit to your forklift geometry. Built to last the Guardian magnet is completely enclosed in stainless steel housing protecting the grade C8 permanently charged magnets and taking all the wear and tear of everyday use. Many commercial and industrial facilities have a need to eliminate flat tires on forklifts and other vehicles entering and exiting and moving about their properties. The cost, interruptions and delays that flat tires cause create the need for the use of a magnetic sweeper. The Guardian is designed specifically to pick up and remove debris that causes flat tires such as nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, screw drivers, wrenches, etc. in a manner that is effective and cost efficient. The Guardian allows you to clean up metal debris as other normal activities are carried out without adding more permanently ongoing labor costs to do so. Using the Guardian magnet results in negligible additional labor costs to solve the problem of flat tires because the magnet is picking up debris as the forklift does normal activities. By eliminating current and future labor costs of solving the flat tire problem, the payback period of investing in the Guardian magnetic sweeper is greatly reduced. The Guardian pays for itself very quickly in most circumstances.

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