Iso 74 Magnetic Sweeper IS74

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74" Width, 251 lbs Sweeper Weight. The ISO is a hanging magnet designed for mounting under commercial type vehicles such as street sweepers, shunt/yard trucks, larger commercial trucks as well as standard pickup trucks. Once mounted it picks up metal debris that causes flat tires such as nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, miscellaneous metal pieces, etc. The ISO is designed with complete stability and control in mind, solving many of the problems associated with hanging magnets. It comes with 6 stabilizing chains, Dynatread Thermoplastic rubber Bumper Wheels on each end and an easy height adjustment feature that allows complete control over the height of the magnet once it is mounted. The ISO also comes with a durable Quick Clean Off Sleeve for easy removal of debris. And to keep the ISO's long term performance power, the ISO utilizes permanently charged C8 Ceramic Magnets that will never need to be recharged. These magnets provide a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 9 inches using a 2. 5" nail. Performance power will never decrease, ensuring years of use. The ISO is designed as a hanging magnet that is super stable. When a hanging magnet is attached to a vehicle there can be a lot of movement and swing to the magnet when the vehicle is in motion making the magnet ineffective. The unique ISO design eliminates this problem. The ISO is designed to use 6 stabilizing chains to create a very stable magnet. The ISO is also designed with heavy duty Bump Wheels on each end of the magnet. The Bump Wheels add further stability preventing the magnet from hitting the ground. The Bump Wheels are designed to hang slightly above ground, but protect the magnet from hitting the ground when the truck suspension compresses, or if there are bumps in the road. The Bump Wheels also allow hanging the magnet lower for better performance than would be possible without Bump Wheels. They ensure a consistent height off the ground is maintained when sweeping. The Bump Wheels are 5” Thermoplastic rubber wheels with polypropylene hubs that have a 300 lb capacity (each).

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