Ocicat 76" Debris Magnetic Sweeper for Skid Steer or Track Loaders OC76

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One of the great things about owning/operating a skid steer or track loader is how versatile they are. Increase the utility of your machine with the Ocicat magnetic sweeper attachment. This attachment was designed to be a fast and convenient solution for clearing tough terrain of metallic debris that can be hazardous to equipment, personnel, and animals. The Ocicat attaches to almost any skid steer using a universal skid steer connection plate and auxiliary hydraulic ports. Not only does the Ocicat perform ground-to-bin metal collection without having to physically handle the debris, it can also easily groom hard packed surfaces while collecting embedded metal debris. The tines on the front of the Ocicat can be raised or lowered depending on if the affected area's surface requires agitation for grooming or metal collection purposes. The Ocicat Magnetic sweeper features a clean off system that allows an operator to empty debris from the magnet using hydraulic power. The magnet assembly hangs on 3.5" inch steel pivot points and is powered by the auxiliary hydraulic ports of your skid steer. The low-profile layout of the hydraulic ram and lid allows for excellent visibility to the ground while operating the Ocicat; this helps you keep an eye on the depth of the debris digging rakes. The rakes add a secondary function to having the Ocicat attached to your skid steer; you can resurface and groom large areas quickly while preventing future problems with metal debris. The Ocicat features an 18" Inside top of Universal Adaptor Plate to bottom of magnet design and 0 deg lead in which allows for easy magnet positioning – you can couple into it and if you set the lift arms of the skid steer / track loader on their lower stops it will provide a 3"to 4" sweeping height so you can't ram the bottom of the Ocicat into the ground. It hooks on in seconds and detaches just as quickly, check out the demonstration below to see what is involved in attaching and detaching the Ocicat to a track loader. Permanently charged C8 grade magnet that is 6" wide x 8" high x 76" long encased in stainless steel single pole assembly for maximum power 76" sweeping width covers entire area ahead of skid steer wheels or tracks 13" Maximum lifting height 4 tie-down points allow you to easily strap the Ocicat down for transport between sites. Because of the weight distribution Ocicat can be attached to all but the smallest skid steers without overloading the machine Designed for tough off-road terrain, the Ocicat is the easiest way to clean a tract of land of hazardous metal debris after demolition or construction.

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