PYR 98" - 4 1/2" x 4 1/2" Hanging Magnetic Sweeper for Flat Terrain PY98/4.5

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98" Width, 293 Pounds total weight. The PYR is a versatile magnetic bar good for many applications where the terrain is flat. The PYR can be hung from almost any vehicle or piece of equipment and the flat proof bump wheels on each end make sure the magnet doesn't hit the ground. The PYR can be receiver hitch mounted on the front (as shown in picture above) or rear receiver hitch mounted (receiver hitch not supplied). The PYR comes with 4 stabilizing chains and 8 quick clips to mount the PYR. Bluestreak offers 2 different sizes (or strengths) of the PYR, the 3"x3" housing size and the stronger 4.5"x4.5" housing size, to allow even higher hanging heights if necessary and better performance Both sizes of the PYR magnet have a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height for the 3"x3" model of 6" inches using a 2.5" inch nail, and a maximum lifting height for the 4.5"x4.5" model of 9 ¼" inches. (We use a 2 ½" nail to measure maximum lifting heights of all of our sweepers because it is a standard well know item familiar to customers. Keep in mind the maximum lifting heights will vary depending upon the shape and ferrous content of the items you are trying to pickup) The standard method of cleaning off the PYR is by wiping debris off with either a rag or a glove. However, thanks to the optional Quick Clean Off Sleeve accessory shown below its possible to clean the PYR off quickly and easily while the magnet is still in its hanging position underneath a piece of equipment. The PYR comes in 6 different sweeping widths (magnet bar lengths) of 38", 50", 62", 74", 86" and 98" to accommodate many different vehicle sizes and uses. The PYR can be front, mid or rear mounted on a variety of vehicles as long as enough clearance and space is present. We obviously recommend front mounting a magnet sweeper when at all possible so that you don't run over the debris with your vehicle before picking it up. The PYR also comes in 2 different magnet strengths: 3"x3" housing size – maximum pickup height 6" inches (using a 2 ½" nail) 4.5"x4.5" housing size – maximum pickup height 9 ¼" inches (using a 2 ½" nail) As a hanging magnet, the PYR has no specific requirements of the vehicle to ensure FIT. You should however, take a look at the CAD files showing overall dimensions of width and height to ensure the PYR will work with your intended vehicle and the anticipated mounting position. The PYR comes standard with 4 mounting chains and 8 quick clips, however to accommodate mounting of the PYR to a vehicle, especially in the case of front or rear hitch mounting, it may be necessary for the purchaser to design and build a suspension frame with mounting points specific to those available on the vehicle being used as well as the suggested mounting points on the PYR.

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