Remoras 38" Hanging Caged Magnetic Sweeper RM38/4.5

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38" Width, 155 lbs Sweeper Weight. The Remoras is specifically designed to withstand frequent ground hits while picking up metal debris from uneven and rough surfaces with potholes and ruts, etc. A protective cage keeps the magnetic housing tucked up and out of harms way while it removes ferrous metal objects from the ground with bumps, ruts and potholes that would cause the hanging magnet to experience frequent direct ground strikes. The Remoras attaches to equipment you already own so you can complete two tasks at the same time. Comes standard with 4 hanging chains and a Quick Clean Off Sleeve allowing magnet clean off in seconds and in one pile at the side of the magnet. The Remoras was specifically designed to be attached to outdoor forklifts, graders or other equipment that operate in gravel or dirt yards with severe ruts and potholes due to the equipment use, and whose yards also have debris problems that are causing flat tires. Normal hanging magnetic sweepers like the Wrasse series can't stand up to the pounding of hitting the ground over and over as the equipment wheels go into ruts and potholes, but the Remoras series can withstand frequent ground hits with no damage to the magnet housing itself. The Remoras allows equipment operators to do their normal jobs while at the same time keeping the whole area clean of debris that would otherwise be causing flats on the equipment being operated or other vehicle traffic. Manoeuverability of your current equipment is not affected by attaching a hanging sweeper. It's just too easy to do two jobs at the same time, saving money as well.

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