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Wire Pilot Wire Pneumatic Feed Assist with Industrial Enclosure PFA-LM-20

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The Wire Pilot Pneumatic Feed Assist (PFA) provides an economical way to help your wire feeder move wire through the conduit in applications where the wire must have minimal friction, travel a long distance or where the workload on the wire feeder must be reduced. When combined with Guide Modules, it allows the ultimate flexibility when it comes to wire delivery and wire packages can be located 150 ft (46m) or more away from the arc. Using only compressed air, this unit easily relieves several pounds of pulling force from the feed motor. Adjustable torque setting prevents bird nesting, commonly occurring in aluminum or light wire applications. Compatible with ferrous & non-ferrous wire. Patented design. Drive rolls sold separately. Eliminates drag coefficient inside the conduit New model includes a redesigned, more compact industrial enclosure to keep out industrial contaminants Utilizes same inlet guides and drive rolls as the PFA-LM Feed Assist model Provides Push-Pull system to get wire from source to the feeder – in other words, it functions as a slave to the wire feeder, providing a constant push on the wire to eliminate skid fiction and drive roll slippage Extends conduit life & increases arc-on time Enables longer conduit runs (150 ft/46m+), enabling centrally located wire packages as well as allowing the use of bulk wire in many applications that would normally require small spools Prevents burn backs caused by wire feeding problems Industrial enclosure prevents exposure to dust and other contaminants Solves many feeding issues with large diameter wire used for SAW welding Adapts to other Wire Wizard wire delivery equipment Includes filter/regulator/lubricator

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