Aardvark 96 Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper with Mechnaical Assist Push Button Clean-Off, Heavy Duty Off-Road AV96

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96" Width, 1056 lbs Sweeper Weight. The Aardvark magnetic sweeper is designed as a severe duty all terrain tow behind magnet that is packed with features. It's ready for severe duty keeping rough terrain and large areas free of dangerous metal debris. For one, it has a fully enclosed magnet which means you don't have to worry about metal debris getting all over the magnet. The Aardvark has an 8 foot sweeping width and also features an automatic clean off system. Clean off debris with a push of the button!The 16. 5" x 6. 5" flat proof, hub and spindle wheels make this a unit that can go into the worst road conditions to help you eliminate down time costs caused by repairing flat tires punctured by metal debris. The Aardvark magnetic sweeper is good for applications such as cleaning landfill sites, construction sites, mining areas or any larger rough terrain areas. The Aardvark has a permanently charged magnet in it that weighs close to 600 lbs and with a magnet this big, clean off has to be automated in some way. The Aardvark utilizes the simplest most proven and effective method of automating clean off which is to rotate the magnet around a pivot point on one side to rotate the magnet upward to physically separate the magnet from the debris. To do this a 4000 lb winch is used. Rotating the magnet around a pivot point on one side takes less effort than lifting the magnet straight up and the 4000 lbs winch does this with no problem. The normal steel winch cable is replaced with an Amsteel blue synthetic winch rope in order to withstand more frequent unwinding and winding. A normal steel winch cable would fatigue and break with a limited number of uses. The winch is designed to be powered by a deep cycle marine battery. A marine battery does not come with the unit but should be used instead of a regular battery because they are designed to be used in these circumstances much like they are used for trolling motors in boats. They can also withstand some bumping and bouncing.

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