Yacare 72" Heavy Duty Off-Road Tow Behind Magnetic Sweeper YC72

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72" Width, 511. 4 lbs Sweeper Weight. The Yacare is a powerful off road tow behind magnetic sweeper with a Spring Assisted Debris Release System that makes cleaning off the magnet easy. Even when the magnet is heavily loaded with metal debris it has picked up, cleaning it off can be done in seconds without much effort or bending over. The Yacare magnetic sweeper is built to stand up to rough off road conditions with solid steel construction, protective steel lid that encloses the magnet, height adjustability, “Wrap Around” feature and inset 13" x 6. 5" flat proof Carlisle ball bearing wheels. The Yacare's 72 inch sweeping width, lighter tongue weight and overall slim profile makes it a good choice for towing behind ATV's, UTV's, or small tractors. It is possible to tow the Yacare behind a pickup truck but it may not be visible to the driver of the vehicle due to it's smaller size. The Yacare is a 72" wide off road magnetic sweeper built for durability with a solid 0. 125" thick steel rear frame tube, 16 gauge protective steel lid around the magnet, 14 gauge stainless steel bottom and inset 13" x 6. 5" flat proof Carlisle ball bearing wheels. View the CAD drawings for more details on construction materials. The Yacare has the power to pick up metal debris over rough, uneven terrain where the ground height can be a greater distance from the magnet. It uses permanently charged C8 Ceramic magnets that provide a strong magnetic field with a maximum lifting height of 9 ¾” using a 2 ½” nail. This means if the bottom of the magnet was 9 ¾” off the ground it could pick up a 2 ½” nail in a bench test at zero speed. This amount of power combined with the ability to adjust the sweeping height from 2 to 6 inches means that you can set the sweeping height higher if needed in rough conditions and the magnet will still be able to pick up debris. A key operational feature of the Yacare is the Spring Assisted Debris Release System. Cleaning off the debris from the magnet only seconds even when the magnet is heavily packed with metal debris. To clean off the Yacare magnetic sweeper when full of debris, just push down on one of the spring assisted clean off handles located on either side of the unit. Pushing down on just one of the handles cleans the entire magnet off. This rotates the magnet inside the covered lid. The magnet will stick to the inside of the lid and stay in the “up” position while you get in your vehicle and pull the magnet ahead and away from the debris. You can then get out of your vehicle and lower the magnet again. The Yacare magnetic sweeper is designed to be used around industrial facilities, farms, equine facilities, construction sites and landfills where there is a need to eliminate flat tires or reduce animal injury due to metal debris such as nails, screws, wire, discarded pieces of metal from fabrication activities, bolts, nuts, pins, screw drivers, wrenches. The Yarcare is designed to pick up this type of metal debris at these site conditions.

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