Upland 56" Forklift Mount Ground Tracking Magnetic Sweeper UP56

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Sweeper Width: 56", Sweeper Width: 56" , Maximum Lifting Height: 10.75" using a 2.5" nail The Upland forklift magnet is a Semi-Suspended fork mounted sweeper that maintains perfect ground clearance over any terrain your forklift can manage. The ground tracking system features 10" of total travel on 16.5" flat proof, bearing protected wheels. The adjustable sweeping height and 4 link free floating suspension will maintain contact smoothly by travelling vertically and swiveling on heavy duty UHMW bushings affixed at each pivot point. Forklift operators can simply set the height and position of the forks to have the suspension in the middle of its travel and drive without worrying about fork adjustments or terrain. In extreme conditions the magnet is also protected by beveled leading and trailing edges that prevent the unit from hanging up on obstacles and deflect the magnet away from potential hazards while moving. The Upland is made of durable powder coated steel and stainless steel with a machined 1 ¼" pivot nut with a locking device to connect the fork pockets to the rolling assembly. To keep the Upland in place on your forks, our proprietary upward clamping fork pockets are utilized. These clamps have a much larger contact area when compared to a single threaded rod fork clamp and grant more stability and control to the operator by pressing the fork into the top of the fork pocket. Because much more of your fork is in contact with the inside of the fork pockets there is less opportunity for slippage or bent hardware when compared to single rod clamps. The flip-down Debris pan is made from sturdy stainless-steel pivoting on heavy duty UHMW bushings that allows the user to smoothly operate the dump feature from either side with a single handle. The handles of the debris pan are secured to the body of the Upland with their own rare Earth magnets to ensure no interference with the main magnet's field, giving maximum performance. The debris pan also features retaining ridges to isolate debris onto the pan's surface and off of the core Upland magnet housing when cleaning off. For further information see the CAD section showing the overall dimensions and profile of the UPLAND. The UPLAND only comes in one 56" inch magnet size. The magnet itself measures 6" inches Wide x 6" inches High x 56" inches Long. This magnet is powerful enough to pick up a 2.5" nail from a height of 10.75" The Upland comes in a standard size to fit most indoor/outdoor forklifts. The 56" width allows for larger area coverage than the width of most forklifts for fast sweeping of an area regardless of terrain conditions. Even with the large width of the Upland it can still pivot 360 degrees without coming into contact with the forklift's tires. The Upland Pickup Height Bench Test The 5.625" inch wide and 3.625" inch high fork pockets on the UPLAND are on 22" centers. There are no FIT Guidelines for the UPLAND, if your forklift forks will accommodate these dimensions, the UPLAND will fit your forklift. See the CAD section for these dimensions and overall dimensions. The UPLAND uses permanently charged grade C8 magnets that will never need to be recharged. Power will never decrease, ensuring years of use. The UPLAND magnet is completely enclosed within the stainless-steel magnet housing. The magnet inside the housing is 6" inches wide, 6" inches high and 56" inches long, unspaced. The Upland is the magnetic sweeper to have when navigating uneven ground, it will remain firmly attached to the forklift and maintain sweep height through bumps and dips in any yard. It can achieve this through the use of our proprietary upward fork clamping system that utilizes the power of gravity and friction to link the forks to the Upland sweeper. These clamps have far greater stability than traditional threaded rod style clamps because they utilize the entire top surface of the fork and a large portion of the bottom that touches the clamping surface. By simply hand tightening the T-Handles on the Upland a secure fit is achieved that cannot be matched by other clamping systems. When you pair the power of the upward fork clamps with the stability granted by the 360 degree pivoting and 10" of vertical travel of the ground tracking system, the Upland magnetic sweeper is a tool that gives any operator un-paralleled confidence when sweeping areas for tire puncturing hazards that are costly in terms of both time and money.

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6"" inches high and 56"" inches long
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