Oblast 52" Magnetic Forklift Sweeper - Ground Strike Protected OB52

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The OBLAST is a 52" inch wide powerful fork mounted forklift magnetic sweeper that is unique because of its ground strike protection features. There’s plenty of fork mounted magnetic sweepers out there but the one thing you never, if rarely, see is one that won’t get damaged if it hits the ground. And yet a fork mounted magnet can hit the ground if the forklift operator isn’t paying attention. All it takes is the ground out front to start rising, or the back wheels to go over a bump and because of the distance between the forklift wheels and the magnet, the magnet can all of a sudden strike the ground. Sweeper Width: 305 Lbs, Shipping DIMS: 58" L x 21" W x 17"H The OBLAST addresses this issue with a rounded bottom front to back so no edge can “catch" the ground, an oversized steel frame that holds the stainless steel debris pan so that it won’t get bent, nesting of the debris pan immediately adjacent to the magnet so that it is supported and won’t bend if scuffed sideways, rounded bent debris pan sides so that once again there is no hard edge to “catch" the ground", generally solid steel and stainless steel construction, and a big 10.5" inch maximum pickup height so that the magnet can be operated a bit higher when picking up debris so there is less chance of hitting the ground. The OBLAST has rounded bottom and sides to prevent damage if the magnet strikes the ground during operation. The rounded bottom reduces the width of the bottom flat section and therefore limits inadvertent contact of the bottom with the ground as forklift wheel level positions change relative to the magnet level. This prevents magnet contact with ground as much as possible and if contact is made there are no sharp corners to “dig into" or “catch" on the ground, the magnet simply “scuffs" the surface alerting the operator to raise the magnet. For further information see the CAD section showing the overall dimensions and profile of the OBLAST. The OBLAST only comes in one 52" inch magnet size. The magnet itself measures 6" inches Wide x 4" inches High x 52" inches Long. The OBLAST was kept to just one size because this fits most “normal" forklifts in use. The 52" inch width is just wider than the forklift width including the forklift wheels to ensure the area directly in front of the forklift wheels is swept as you drive. The 7" inch wide and 3.375" inch high fork pockets on the OBLAST are on 24" inch centers. There are no FIT Guidelines for the OBLAST, if your forklift forks will accommodate these dimensions, the OBLAST will fit your forklift. Recommended Industry Applications Manufacturing Facilities Trucking Terminals Shipping Terminals Precast Concrete Sites Construction Sites The OBLAST forklift magnetic sweeper picks up ferrous metal debris of all types including nails, screws, nuts, washers, railway spikes, tent pegs, lag screws, wrenches, screw drivers, scrap fabrication pieces. Usually if you think you have a debris problem, the problem is actually much greater than you think. Rigid Debris Pan will not flex from side to side during clean off when you only use one of the Release handles, both sides of the Debris Pan release at the same time. Upward clamping fork Pockets for the safest, most secure connection to the forklift Durable painted finish on steel and stainless steel 10.5" inch maximum pickup height (using a 2 ½" inch nail in a bench test) UHMW bushings on Debris Pan pivot points Quick Assembly All part

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